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Large Monster


Kappa Frog

An amphibious monster resembling a frog. Its appetite is infinite, and if it sees anything moving, it will gobble it up, dirt and all. It's theorized that the dirt it consumes builds up in its stomach and aids in digestion. If it eats something that it cannot digest, it will throw it back up. The cranial disc protecting its tender head is said to harden and become a more brilliant blue over time.
Introduced: MHRise
Latest appearance: MHRS

Demon Frog

Amphibians with powerful hind legs allowing them to leap up even the steepest of slopes. The terrifying tusks on their enormous jaws allow them to excavate deep trenches, effectively trapping their prey.
Introduced: MH4
Latest appearance: MHST2

Berserk Tetsucabra
Wild Demon Frog

An amphibious monster known for its distinctive markings resembling a painted face. These beasts dig up and hurl boulders in the same way as a standard Tetsucabra does, but the stones thrown by this Berserk variety explode upon impact.
Introduced: MH4U
Latest appearance: MH4U

Drilltusk Tetsucabra
Rock Piercer

An exceptionally large Tetsucabra with tusks that can drill through earth, or even metal. If the Drilltusk weren't constantly shattering boulders on its enemies or trying to crush them with its weight, one could almost appreciate the masterful way it digs. Requires special permission to hunt.
Introduced: MHGen
Latest appearance: MHGU

Monster Shark

Amphibian monsters known for the astonishing changes that occur when they coat their bodies in icy armor. They are able to create this armor by spraying themselves with a special liquid that builds up in their bodies.
Introduced: MH4
Latest appearance: MHGU

Tigerstripe Zamtrios
Tiger Shark

Unlike its standard counterpart, this distinctively-striped Zamtrios subspecies dwells primarily in desert climes, and can employ its ability to expand and contract its body even while in motion, making it an even more formidable adversary.
Introduced: MH4U
Latest appearance: MH4U

Bird Wyvern

Parasol Bird

Tending to stand on one leg, this monster somewhat resembles an umbrella. The Aknosom is highly territorial; it will spread out its wings and show off its characteristic comb to scare off threats. It also bears flammable venom that burns fiercely and lingers on the ground when lit. Draw the beast to water for an easier fight.
Introduced: MHRise
Latest appearance: MHRS


The alpha monster that leads a Genprey pack. They are larger and have more prominent crest. Found in the desert, they can paralyze prey using their fangs and claws.
Introduced: MH1
Latest appearance: MHGU


The alpha leader of a pack of Giaprey, the Giadrome sports a beautiful crest. Larger than a Giaprey, any hunter silly enough to encroach on its turf will be frozen in a hail of ice.
Introduced: MH2
Latest appearance: MHGU

Great Baggi

A carnivorous bird wyvern. Noted for their projecting cranial crests and bluish-white skin that's adapted to snowy climates. Great Baggi craftily command other Baggi to surround their prey and stun them with a tranquilizing fluid.
Introduced: MH3
Latest appearance: MHRS

Great Izuchi

The alpha Izuchi of its pack, identified by its larger build, upended white fur and scythe-like tail. A Great Izuchi forms a herd of many smaller Izuchi and selects two from the group to accompany it on territory patrols. Once it spots prey or senses danger, the Great Izuchi issues commands to their fellow Izuchi, and coordinates their movements. Take care that you don't get overwhelmed.
Introduced: MHRise
Latest appearance: MHRS

Great Jaggi

Alpha monsters that lead packs of Jaggi. At a certain age, males leave the pack to live on their own before returning to fight for the right to become leader. They have a very commanding presence. It has been said they can call and give complex orders to their pack with their howls and barks.
Introduced: MH3
Latest appearance: MH4U

Great Maccao

Leader of the pack-hunting Maccao, the Great Maccao is easily spotted by its large size and feather-like yellow crest. It can balance on its tail and spring forward for a deadly strike, but when weakened, its lesser Maccao cousins are quick to turn tail and run.
Introduced: MHGen
Latest appearance: MHGU

Great Wroggi

Wroggi are bird wyverns that travel in packs that are led by largest and most toxic member. Be careful when one raises its head and its poison sac expands—that signals that it's about to spit a cloud of poisonous mist.
Introduced: MHP3
Latest appearance: MHRS


A wyvern that can generate disorienting flashes of light when its prominent head crest is struck. Its rubbery hide resists damage and can ward off shock traps, while its spit carries a deadly venom. However, they are quite timid.
Introduced: MH1
Latest appearance: MHGU

Purple Gypceros

A purple-skinned subspecies of Gypceros. When enraged, they become more violent than their standard cousins, stomping wildly over anything that crosses their path. Not only is their venom more potent, but they also store a greater amount of it, making them a much deadlier foe.
Introduced: MHG
Latest appearance: MH4U


A rust-colored bird wyvern with beautiful tail feathers found mainly in forests. A highly pacifistic wyvern by nature, it breathes sleeping gas on its enemies and prey alike. Its strong, developed legs pack a serious punch, so be careful!
Introduced: MHFU
Latest appearance: MHFU


The alpha monster that leads an Ioprey pack. They are larger and have a more prominent crest. Found in subtropical zones, they spit a poison that can sap the life force of prey.
Introduced: MH1
Latest appearance: MHGU


A bird wyvern that has developed limbs capable of carrying objects. It has been spotted stealing eggs from the nests. If attacked while carrying an egg, it will drop the egg in fright and flee. When enraged, a Kulu-Ya-Ku will dig up a small boulder to shield itself against threats or use it in its attacks.
Introduced: MHW
Latest appearance: MHRS

Nocturnal Bird

A bird wyvern which is most at home in the dark. It catches prey with its wings and talons. Its pivoting neck is characteristic, and it's worth a look to see it turned completely around to look behind itself. Scales in its wings can scatter a pollen that can cause confuse its foes.
Introduced: MHGen
Latest appearance: MHGU

Nightcloak Malfestio
Hidden Haze

This huge bird wyvern with its twilight-colored wings uses special scales to refract light and hide itself from its prey. This is why it's also known as "Nightcloak". Whoever or whatever sees it, be they monster or human, stands no chance of survival. Requires special permission to hunt.
Introduced: MHGU
Latest appearance: MHGU


A bird wyvern whose body contains a poisonous fluid. It ensnares its prey by brandishing its whiplike tongue, which can be expanded and contracted at will. By mixing the berries and plants it consumes with the venom in its body, it can release a devastating poison breath attack.
Introduced: MHW
Latest appearance: MHRS

Coral Pukei-Pukei

A type of bird wyvern that stores large quantities of water in its body. It launches powerful water attacks from its mouth and tail. Considered a subspecies of Pukei-Pukei.
Introduced: MHWI
Latest appearance: MHWI

Colorful Bird

Bird Wyverns with colorful plumage. Using thoracic vocal organs, they imitate the calls of other monsters. When threatened, they mimic the cries of Flying Wyverns, utilizing their presence as a distraction to flee.
Introduced: MH3
Latest appearance: MHST2

Crimson Qurupeco
Crimson Colorful Bird

A subspecies of Qurupeco, with vibrant red plumage. Skilled in mimicry and dancing. The flints in their wings generate electricity, which can be discharged as either shocking jolts or intense flashes of light.
Introduced: MHP3
Latest appearance: MHST2


A monster that spreads its luminous pulsing organs when it spots prey or natural enemies, blinding them with a flash of light in order to create an opening. They make use of their astonishing leg power in order to finish off helpless prey.
Introduced: MHW
Latest appearance: MHWI


The alpha monster that leads a Velociprey pack. They are larger and have a more prominent crest. Highly territorial, but will retreat to a safe place when injured to recover.
Introduced: MH1
Latest appearance: MHGU

Yian Garuga
Black Wolf Bird

A short-tempered bird wyvern marked by its hard, black scales and impressive mane. It strikes with its distinctive beak.
Introduced: MHFU
Latest appearance: MHWI

Scarred Yian Garuga
Black Wolf Bird

A tempered Yian Garuga that has survived a grueling battle with just a scar on its head. Be careful of its successive breath attacks.
Introduced: MHF1
Latest appearance: MHWI

Deadeye Yian Garuga
One-Eyed Wolf Bird

The "Deadeye" is a battle-scarred veteran of countless duels to the death. Its one-eyed gaze burns with the fervor of a thousand victorious fights. A famous hunter once said: "That's the only feller with a better HR than me!" Requires special permission to hunt.
Introduced: MHGen
Latest appearance: MHGU

Yian Kut-Ku
Strange Bird

A bird-like wyvern with a huge beak and large ears that splay open when it is angered. With its sensitive hearing it dislikes loud noises. It is smaller but faster than other wyverns.
Introduced: MH1
Latest appearance: MHGU

Blue Yian Kut-Ku
Blue Strange Bird

A subspecies of Yian Kut-Ku. Their blue coloration and physical prowess set them apart from their pink kin. Unlike their cowardly cousins, they become increasingly dangerous when angered, and should not be underestimated.
Introduced: MHG
Latest appearance: MH4U

Brute Wyvern

Fierce Jaw Wyvern

Infamous for its belligerence, this brute wyvern indiscriminately attacks all without hesitation. The large membrane extending from its waist to the base of its tail fans out when it becomes agitated. This fan-like membrane is thought to be used not only for intimidation, but also as a mode of body temperature control. This is attributed to the fact that when Anjanath expels flames from its mouth, the membrane has been spotted expanding in tandem, releasing excess heat.
Introduced: MHW
Latest appearance: MHNow

Fulgur Anjanath
Thunder Jaw Wyvern

An extremely adaptable subspecies of Anjanath that electrifies its jaws and dorsal membrane with every blow rendering them even stronger.
Introduced: MHWI
Latest appearance: MHST2

Ferocious Bull Wyvern

A monster recognizable by the pair of gigantic horns atop its head. It rushes forward while scraping the ground with its horns, with nearby trees sometimes even getting caught up in its headlong attacks.
Introduced: MHWI
Latest appearance: MHNow

Landslide Wyvern

Barroth usually remain beneath the mud, perhaps to shield themselves from heat; they are even known to attack by flinging mud. They will charge in a frenzy at anything that disturbs their bogs.
Introduced: MH3
Latest appearance: MHNow

Jade Barroth
Ice Crushing Wyvern

A subspecies of Barroth found in colder climates that coat themselves in ice an snow for protection. They are also known for bashing their overgrown crowns into the ice, and subsist primarily on Bnahabra.
Introduced: MHP3
Latest appearance: MHST2

Crushing Wyvern

Brute Wyverns coated in a volatile, green substance. Their saliva can be used to ignite this coating, with explosive results. Few monsters possess this peculiar ability or aggressive temperament. They can deliver staggering blunt-force attacks with their strong, quick-moving forelegs.
Introduced: MH3U
Latest appearance: MHST2

Raging Brachydios
Crushing Wyvern

A Brachydios variant that is much larger than the normal species. The slime on its body will activate over time and detonate.
Introduced: MH4U
Latest appearance: MHWI

Violent Wyvern

The dreaded, nomadic Deviljho have no specific territory of their own. Their muscles swell if provoked, revealing old wounds. They need to feed constantly due to high body heat and can hunt nearby animals to extinction.
Introduced: MH3
Latest appearance: MHNow

Savage Deviljho
Violent Wyvern

A mutated Deviljho variant, driven mad by its overpowering hunger. It will attempt to feed on all it sees.
Introduced: MH3U
Latest appearance: MHWI

Tail Hammer Wyvern

Their hammer-like tails are great at both self-defense and felling the trees that primarily subsist on. Despite their gentle temperament, their strong frame and incredible power should not be underestimated.
Introduced: MHP3
Latest appearance: MHST2

Rust Duramboros
Axe Tail Wyvern

A reddish-brown subspecies of Duramboros with an axe-shaped tail. The tail is especially well-suited to desert life, as it scatters sand each time it is swung. Despite the desert heat, these creatures can remain active for long periods of time.
Introduced: MH3U
Latest appearance: MH3U

Cutting Wyvern

Brute Wyverns with long, sword-like tails, sharpened on their fearsome fangs. Their well-developed hind legs allow them to effortlessly chase down prey, which they then slash at with their monstrous tails.
Introduced: MHGen
Latest appearance: MHST2

Acidic Glavenus
Sulfuric Cutting Wyvern

A subspecies of Glavenus found in the Rotten Vale. A corrosive fluid has crystallized on its tail, spraying acid with each swing.
Introduced: MHWI
Latest appearance: MHWI

Hellblade Glavenus
Incinerating Blade

A Glavenus whose intense heat is akin to an active volcano. It can blast apart stone with a single breath, and incinerate mountains with a single swipe of its red-hot tail. The "Hellblade" requires a special permission to hunt.
Introduced: MHGen
Latest appearance: MHST2

Bone Hammer Wyvern

A brute wyvern that feeds on the bones of corpses, adorning them all over its body. They have been sighted curling their bodies up into a ball and rolling around in order to attack foes.
Introduced: MHW
Latest appearance: MHNow

Burst Hammer Wyvern

Brute Wyverns with mighty jaws. The vibration from their bodies send the stones and ore stuck to them flying in all directions in deadly explosive attacks. They can also detonate Powderstones by striking them with incredible force with their chins.
Introduced: MH3
Latest appearance: MHST2

Crystalbeard Uragaan
Treasure Clad

A living treasure trove of precious jewels, famous in the lore of miners and said to bring good fortune should you manage to even lay your eyes upon it. Some have tried to slay the "Crystalbeard" for its treasure, only to be crushed by its glittering fury. Requires special permission to hunt.
Introduced: MHGen
Latest appearance: MHGU

Steel Uragaan
Steel Hammer Wyvern

A metallic subspecies of Uragaan with an unusual diet that allows it to create a powerful, noxious gas. The gas permeates the rocks on its body, which then emit foul fumes when scattered. Like regular Uragaan, they can travel quickly by rolling.
Introduced: MHP3
Latest appearance: MH3U


  • Daimyo Hermitaur
    • Plum Daimyo Hermitaur
    • Stonefist Hermitaur
  • Shen Gaoren
  • Shogun Ceanataur
    • Rustrazor Ceanataur
    • Terra Shogun Ceanataur

Elder Dragon

  • Alatreon
  • Amatsu
  • Ceadeus
    • Goldbeard Ceadeus
  • Chameleos
    • Risen Chameleos
  • Dah'ren Mohran
  • Dalamadur
  • Dire Miralis
  • Fatalis
    • Crimson Fatalis
    • Old Fatalis
  • Gaismagorm
  • Gogmazios
  • Jhen Mohran
    • Hallowed Jhen Mohran
  • Kirin
    • Oroshi Kirin
  • Kulve Taroth
  • Kushala Daora
    • Risen Kushala Daora
    • Rusted Kushala Daora
  • Lao-Shan Lung
    • Ashen Lao-Shan Lung
  • Lunastra
  • Malzeno
    • Primordial Malzeno
  • Nakarkos
  • Namielle
  • Nergigante
    • Ruiner Nergigante
  • Safi'jiiva
  • Shagaru Magala
    • Risen Shagaru Magala
  • Shah Dalamadur
  • Shara Ishvalda
  • Teostra
    • Risen Teostra
  • Thunder Serpent Narwa
    • Narwa the Allmother
  • Vaal Hazak
    • Blackveil Vaal Hazak
  • Valstrax
    • Crimson Glow Valstrax
    • Risen Crimson Glow Valstrax
  • Velkhana
  • Wind Serpent Ibushi
  • Xeno'jiiva
  • Yama Tsukami
  • Zorah Magdaros

Fanged Beast

  • Arzuros
    • Apex Arzuros
    • Redhelm Arzuros
  • Bishaten
    • Blood Orange Bishaten
  • Blangonga
    • Copper Blangonga
  • Bulldrome
  • Congalala
    • Emerald Congalala
  • Gammoth
    • Elderfrost Gammoth
  • Garangolm
  • Goss Harag
  • Kecha Wacha
    • Ash Kecha Wacha
  • Lagombi
    • Snowbaron Lagombi
  • Rajang
    • Furious Rajang
  • Volvidon

Fanged Wyvern

  • Dodogama
  • Great Girros
  • Great Jagras
  • Lunagaron
  • Magnamalo
    • Scorned Magnamalo
  • Odogaron
    • Ebony Odogaron
  • Tobi-Kadachi
    • Viper Tobi-Kadachi
  • Zinogre
    • Apex Zinogre
    • Stygian Zinogre
    • Thunderlord Zinogre

Flying Wyvern

  • Akantor
  • Astalos
    • Boltreaver Astalos
  • Barioth
    • Frostfang Barioth
    • Sand Barioth
  • Basarios
    • Ruby Basarios
  • Bazelgeuse
    • Seething Bazelgeuse
  • Diablos
    • Apex Diablos
    • Black Diablos
    • Bloodbath Diablos
  • Espinas
    • Flaming Espinas
  • Gigginox
    • Baleful Gigginox
  • Gravios
    • Black Gravios
  • Khezu
    • Red Khezu
  • Legiana
    • Shrieking Legiana
  • Monoblos
    • White Monoblos
  • Nargacuga
    • Green Nargacuga
    • Lucent Nargacuga
  • Paolumu
    • Nightshade Paolumu
  • Rathalos
    • Apex Rathalos
    • Azure Rathalos
    • Dreadking Rathalos
  • Rathian
    • Apex Rathian
    • Dreadqueen Rathian
    • Gold Rathian
    • Pink Rathian
  • Seregios
  • Silver Rathalos
  • Silverwind Nargacuga
  • Tigrex
    • Brute Tigrex
    • Grimclaw Tigrex
    • Molten Tigrex
  • Ukanlos


  • Agnaktor
    • Glacial Agnaktor
  • Almudron
    • Magma Almudron
  • Gobul
  • Lagiacrus
    • Abyssal Lagiacrus
    • Ivory Lagiacrus
  • Mizutsune
    • Apex Mizutsune
    • Soulseer Mizutsune
    • Violet Mizutsune
  • Nibelsnarf
  • Royal Ludroth
    • Purple Ludroth
  • Somnacanth
    • Aurora Somnacanth


  • King Shakalaka


  • Ahtal-Ka
    • Ahtal-Neset
  • Seltas
    • Desert Seltas
  • Seltas Queen
    • Desert Seltas Queen
  • Vespoid Queen

Piscine Wyvern

  • Beotodus
  • Cephadrome
  • Jyuratodus
  • Lavasioth
  • Plesioth
    • Green Plesioth

Snake Wyvern

  • Najarala
    • Tidal Najarala


  • Nerscylla
  • Shrouded Nerscylla
  • Rakna-Kadaki
    • Pyre Rakna-Kadaki


  • Gore Magala
    • Chaotic Gore Magala

Small Monster


  • Zamite

Bird Wyvern

  • Baggi
  • Boggi
  • Gargwa
  • Genprey
  • Giaprey
  • Ioprey
  • Izuchi
  • Jaggi
  • Jaggia
  • Maccao
  • Velociprey
  • Wroggi


  • Ceanataur
  • Hermitaur

Fanged Beast

  • Blango
  • Bombadgy
  • Bullfango
  • Canyne
  • Conga

Fanged Wyvern

  • Girros
  • Jagras
  • Shamos
  • Wulg


  • Fish
  • Gajau

Flying Wyvern

  • Giggi


  • Anteka
  • Apceros
  • Aptonoth
  • Epioth
  • Gastodon
  • Gowngoat
  • Kelbi
  • Kestodon
  • Larinoth
  • Moofah
  • Mosswine
  • Popo
  • Rhenoplos
  • Slagtoth


  • Ludroth
  • Uroktor


  • Boaboa
  • Felyne
  • Gajalaka
  • Grimalkyne
  • Melynx
  • Shakalaka


  • Altaroth
  • Bnahabra
  • Great Thunderbug
  • Hornetaur
  • Konchu
  • Vespoid

Piscine Wyvern

  • Cephalos
  • Delex

Snake Wyvern

  • Remobra


  • Pyrantula
  • Rachnoid


  • Barnos
  • Cortos
  • Mernos
  • Noios
  • Raphinos

Old Page



Hunted as a food source, these creatures are preyed upon by both hunter and monster alike. Usually timid, in packs they will defend themselves with surprising strength.
Introduced: MH1
Latest appearance: MHWI


Hunted for their meat, which is buried under a thick, armored hide. Aggressive compared to the Aptonoth, hunting them can be a challenge. Apceros eggs are a valuable guild commodity.
Introduced: MH1
Latest appearance: MHWI


Extremely territorial herbivores with poor vision but acute hearing. Rhenoplos will doggedly pursue any nearby targets they sense. They often collide into boulders, perhaps because they can't easily stop themselves once they begin running.
Introduced: MH3
Latest appearance: MHRS


Herd-forming herbivores covered in thick fur to endure the cold. Popo are gentile by nature, so if they are attacked the whole herd will turn tail and run. Popo meat is very nutritious; the tongue is said to be especially palatable.
Introduced: MH2
Latest appearance: MHRS

Slagtoth (ズワロポス)

Highly territorial herbivores that live in costal areas. Their heavy, sagging hides store nutrients and are prized for their heat and water resistance.
Introduced: MHP3
Latest appearance: MHRS


Herbivorous, deer-like monsters. Valued for their horns, they tend to run away at the first hint of danger. They are also hunted for their meat, which is chewy but flavorful.
Introduced: MH1
Latest appearance: MHRS


Herbivorous monsters living in the snowy mountains. Normally docile, but when provoked it will attack with its giant antlers. Its high quality pelt has many uses and its antlers are highly valued by the Guild.
Introduced: MH2
Latest appearance: MHRS


Small herbivores that can be found on the Deserted Island. Their soft, high-quality fur has been used since ancient times in clothing and ceremonial tools, and can be shaved off of them with cutting weapons. They are docile and raised as livestock in many regions.
Introduced: MHGen
Latest appearance: MHGU


Wild pigs covered in moss and fungus. Sometimes you will even find mushrooms growing on them. Their meat is known as a delicacy. Though normally docile, they will charge you if angered!
Introduced: MH1
Latest appearance: MHWI


Submissive, water dwelling herbivores that subsist on water grasses and moss. Epioth frequently surface to sunbathe. Extremely timid, they panic when danger is near, swimming about in a haphazard fashion.
Introduced: MH3
Latest appearance: MH3U


These giant herbivores are peaceful towards hunters unless their young are threatened. Their long necks let them eat hard-to-reach leaves and nuts, which they may drop if attacked while feeding, and eat constantly to maintain their size. They also have a unique sound-producing organs.
Introduced: MHGen
Latest appearance: MHGU

Kestodon (ケストドン)

Female Kestodon will alert the pack of danger, while the males will violently charge would-be threats. Their rushing charges can be blocked, however, leaving them open to attacks. Males are blessed with a stronger physique, and they can easily be told apart from females by their coloring and head shape.
Introduced: MHW
Latest appearance: MHRS


Pack monsters that inhabit the Elder's Recess. They are easily angered by intruders, and will charge at monsters twice their size.
Introduced: MHW
Latest appearance: MHWI


Herbivorous monsters with fluffy tails. Their tails are mostly composed of slate gray hair; some scholars surmise that this trait lets them roll into balls to disguise themselves as rocks. Others believe their tails serve to hide and protect newborn offspring. Gentle by nature, they tend to live in herds. They are easily frightened, and the entire group will flee when attacked.
Introduced: MHRS
Latest appearance: MHWRS

Bird Wyvern


Aggressive, carnivorous monsters that often travel in packs. Even a master hunter should take care not to become surrounded! Wide ranging, they are found in many different areas, such as the Jungle or Forest and Hills.
Introduced: MH1
Latest appearance: MHRS


A species of small bird-like carnivores known to inhabit the snowy mountains. Their white skin is beautiful, but their temperament is not. They are known to spit ice at hunters, and attack in deadly packs.
Introduced: MHG (as White Velociprey)
Latest appearance: MHGU


An orange and green-striped species of small carnivores found mainly in desert zones. Traveling in packs, their large fangs and claws contain a neurotoxin that is used to paralyze prey.
Introduced: MH1
Latest appearance: MHGU


A vivid red species of small carnivores often found in subtropical zones. Sacs in their throat contain a powerful poison that slowly drains the health of their prey.
Introduced: MH1
Latest appearance: MHGU


Highly social, carnivorous bird wyverns that live in large packs. Young Jaggi males hunt in groups when attacking larger animals. Research suggests they operate under orders from a single alpha male.
Introduced: MH3
Latest appearance: MHRS


Female Jaggi that stay in packs, Jaggia generally live near the nest and are responsible for defending it and raising young. Smaller than mature males, but larger and tougher than the pack's countless young males. They also operate under orders from the alpha.
Introduced: MH3
Latest appearance: MHRS


Highly intelligent, carnivorous bird wyverns that hunt in packs. Noted for their blue scales and sharp glare. Baggi are feared for their ability to release a tranquilizing fluid; even a grown man can be put to sleep in seconds.
Introduced: MH3
Latest appearance: MHRS


Small, carnivorous bird wyverns with poison-generating organs that run from their mouths to their throats. They run in packs, often led by a large alpha male. Lesser members of the order are fiercely loyal, and will eagerly lay down their lives to protect the alpha.
Introduced: MHP3
Latest appearance: MHRS


Colorful red and green bird wyverns that live in large packs, they can be found mostly in the Jurassic Frontier. Though they attack prey aggressively with their strong legs, they are known to flee once their leader is in danger.
Introduced: MHGen
Latest appearance: MHGU


An omnivorous bird wyvern that has a characteristic scythe-shaped tail. It uses this tail to attack, but also to climb trees and chop down fruit. Most Izuchi fall into herd led by a Great Izuchi; in each herd, the two best fighters are selected by the leader to help it hunt prey.
Introduced: MHRise
Latest appearance: MHRS


Bird Wyverns living in the highlands of the Citadel. These calculating creatures hunt their prey with cunning, often waiting for them to grow weak before striking. They're dangerous creatures that surround their prey in packs with their sizable claws ready to strike, so don't approach them carelessly.
Introduced: MHRS
Latest appearance: MHRS