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Monster Hunter Wilds (モンスターハンターワイルズ, monsutā hantā wairuzu), also known as Monster Hunter 6, is an upcoming game in the Monster Hunter series, announced on December the 8th 2023 for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and Steam during The Game Awards 2023, with an estimated global release of 2025. It will be the first Sixth Generation MH game.

Tentative Features

  • Rathalos returns.
  • The game appears to take place within a landmass known as the "Forbidden Land", specific locales include:
    • Windward Plains, a vast desert and savannah with strange spires that act as thunder rods.
  • Focus Mode, a new gameplay mechanic that allows hunters to better aim their attacks to specific parts, intended to ease newcomers into the action.
  • Riding on a Seikret, possibly a Bird Wyvern, which can glide and apparently carries extra supplies and one extra weapon.
  • The Ceratonoth, a monster similar to a pangolin, with two variants, with the larger one seeming to act as a thunder rod.
  • The Dalthydon, a monster similar to a Gastodon with a goat's face, they live in herds with their youngs.
  • The Doshaguma, a large and aggressive fanged beast that appears to hunt in packs led by a larger individual with a red coloration.
  • The Chatacabra, a large ape-like amphibian with a stretchy tongue and a sticky saliva that is used to affix rocks and stones to its muscular forearms to increase power.
  • The Balahara, a leviathan that forms swarms and lives in the sand dunes.
  • An unknown thunder flying wyvern, which appears to be among the strongest of the Windward Plains.
  • A small crocodilian monster, possibly a Leviathan or Amphibian, could also be endemic life.
  • A small new unknown raptor monster, with a slender body and a long bill, they can be seen attacking a Doshaguma, possibly being social predators like Velociprey and Jaggi.
  • Changing environments, all locales have two distinct identities, one calm and brimming with life, the other harsh and unforgiving.
    • This affects the wildlife and potentially the gatherable resources and difficulty of monsters.
  • The Slinger returns, with the addition of the Hook Slinger, which is capable of grabbing resource nodes from afar.




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