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Title Fierce Jaw Wyvern
Introduced MHWorld
Classification Brute Wyvern
Average Dimensions
Length 16.46 m
Height 6.26 m
Foot Size 1.82 m

The Fierce Jaw Wyvern Anjanath (アンジャナフ, anjanafu) is a brute wyvern introduced in Monster Hunter: World.

Physiology and Abilities


Monster Hunter Now
Characteristics: Infamous for its belligerence, this brute wyvern indiscriminately attacks all without hesitation.
The large membrane extending from its waist to the base of its tail fans out when it becomes agitated.
This fan-like membrane is thought to be used not only for intimidation, but also as a mode of body temperature control. This is attributed to the fact that when Anjanath expels flames from its mouth, the membrane has been spotted expanding in tandem, releasing excess heat.
Useful Information: It will often employ bite attacks at close-range, while at a distance it will attempt to lunge at you with great leaps.
Utilizing the flame sac in its throat, it has been reported that it will release a scorching fire breath when enraged.
It is precisely during or following this move that the monster is left susceptible to attacks. Additionally, it can be toppled by breaking its feet. In doing so, its weak head can be safely targeted.
Habitats: Forest, Desert
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak
This belligerent monster will attack anything without hesitation. The membrane along its tail fans out when it is provoked-a behavior theorized to be either an act of intimidation or thermoregulation, as it has been known to do so when it breathes fire.
Threat Level: ★★★★★★
Monster Hunter World: Iceborne
The Anjanath patrols the Ancient Forest looking for its favorite meal, Aptonoth. This belligerent monster will attack anything without the slightest provocation.
Useful Information: Anjanath spits fiery blasts from its mouth utilizing a unique organ in its throat. Focusing attacks on its throat will make battling it much easier.

Game Data




Information from Printed Media

Monster Hunter World: The Official Complete Works

From Pages 232-237:
Full length: approximately 1646.46 cm
Full height: approximately 625.75 cm
Foot size: approximately 182 cm
Known habitat: Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste

Anjanath's back and tail are adorned with dark feathers, and it's speculated that young Anjanath could have more but they have yet to be observed. It's capable of bristling spikes on its tail, which is powerful enough to create gusts of wind in combat and used to swat away insects otherwise. It uses this tail along with its strong legs to position enemies in front of its large jaws. Its upper snout is covered in a "nose hood" that can be flipped up to expose its sinuses. This is done both to expel flammable mucus and to enhance its sense of smell to impressive levels which it uses to track prey.

Anjanath's exposed skin appears pink, but it's actually translucent and revealing the blood flowing underneath. It's believed that the temperature of this blood, and therefore of Anjanath, is influenced by its surroundings given its lack of sweat glands and other traits. Its feathers likely provide insulation, while its cartilage-lined dorsal flaps filled with capillaries act as cooling fins. These may also be used in communicating with other Anjanaths. These flaps and nose hood, when exposed, are weak points targeted by hunters.

During life and death conflicts, Anjanath has been known to enter a "fired up" state where its throat glows red. It has an organ in its throat that stores a substance, which, when mixed with mucus and exposed to oxygen, will combust. This causes flames to leak from its jaws and enables it to blast fire either straight ahead or around itself, though these are exhausting attacks that it will only use when it has created a tactical opening. This state leaves it vulnerable to explosions in its mouth. When it can no longer regulate the body heat produced in this state, it expels all of its fire at once.

Anjanaths hunt herbivorous wyverns, favoring Aptonoth, and even go so far as to stalk prey to the Wildspire Waste. It does not use its fire to cook its food, preferring to eat it raw, which it does about five times a day. After eating it will tend to sleep, drink, and sunbathe an average of 3 times per day. Outside of this routine, it can be found patrolling its territory, marking it with mucus about 30 times a day. Anjanath is solitary and aggressive, attacking any intruder. While it dominates Great Jagras and Tobi-Kadachi, it is at a disadvantage to Rathalos.

Developer's Note: Early on, the development team had decided on including a four-legged Great Jagras, two-legged Anjanath, and winged Rathian before deciding how to include them in the Ancient Forest. Anjanath's plumage is the team's take on dinosaurs with feathers. They wanted a monster that would use scent to prevent players from hiding. The team intended Anjanath to bring players to intermediate gameplay, forcing them to utilize all the combat essentials they had learned including guarding, evading, and recovery items.

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