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Great Sword

The Great Sword allows for powerful wide-reaching swings in exchange for mobility, it can be used to defend from attacks but doing this damages the weapon's sharpness.

Some Great Swords introduced in the 1st Generation games became Long Swords during the 2nd Generation.

Long Sword

Long Swords were introduced in Monster Hunter 2 and allow for wide swings and pokes that can charge an energy meter, increasing damage when filled and enabling the use of the powerful "Spirit Slash Combo".

Sword and Shield

The Sword and Shield is a fast melee weapon that allows for easy positioning and can defend from most attacks without a sharpness penalty, making it great for beginners and masters alike.

Dual Blades

Introduced for the International release of Monster Hunter and integrated into Sword and Shield paths, these fast weapons trade the ability to defend for a special "Demon" mode that increases damage in exchange for stamina.


The Hammer is a weapon focusing purely on offensive short distance attacks, it is of the few melee weapons that inflict Blunt damage, which can stun monsters and break certain body parts.

Hunting Horn

Introduced in Monster Hunter 2, the Hunting Horn has the unique ability to produce song which can aid during hunts, like increasing damage or enabling Wind Resistance, most Hunting Horn attacks cause Blunt damage.


Lances have the unique mechanic of causing Cutting and Blunt damage, depending on which is more efficient against the target, they also possess a shield that can block most attacks.


Gunlances were introduced in Monster Hunter 2, a very technical weapon that relies on stocking shells to unleash powerful shotgun-like explosions.

Switch Axe

The Switch Axe is a weapon class itroduced in Monster Hunter 3, Switch Axes can morph between Axe-like and Great Sword-like forms with different movesets, they also possess a "Phial" with different effects during Sword mode, such as exhausting the target's stamina or enabling elements.

A variation known as the Switch Axe F was introduced during the later years of Monster Hunter Frontier.

Charge Blade

Introduced in Monster Hunter 4, the Charge Blade is another morphing weapon, this time switching between a Sword and Shield-type form and a more powerful Axe form, by stocking charges it can unleash powerful explosions in Axe form.

Insect Glaive

Also introduced in Monster Hunter 4, this weapon is accompanied by an insect companion known as a Kinsect, which can be used to attack and retrieve colored charges from monsters, various effects can be accomplished by stocking specific color combinations.

Light Bowgun

A nimble ranged weapon that is best used with light ammunition, decently powerful at medium range and can be modified with special parts.

Medium Bowgun

A variant of the Bowgun exclusive to Monster Hunter 3's 3-part bowgun system, a half-way point between Light and Heavy Bowgun.

Heavy Bowgun

Large bowguns that can often load more powerful ammunition, they can be fitted with shields.


A ranged weapon introduced in Monster Hunter 2, its arrows can be coated for various effects.


Tonfas are exclusive to Monster Hunter Frontier, they are dual-wielded blunt weapons that charge up during combat and enable aerial maneuvers.

Magnet Spikes

A highly technical weapon exclusive to Monster Hunter Frontier, Magnet Spikes feature a unique magnetism mechanic that allows for controlling distance.